RMI Conservation Target

A ruler-like tool containing color chips, shadow pin, scale etc. to include in a photograph as a reference

This is the medium RMI Conservation Target. It was designed to occupy a minimum area in the image frame. It has the following elements: six-step grayscale, RGBCMY color patches, removable lighting indicator, polarized lighting indicator, fluorescent size scale, recessed label area for date and object identification, magnetic backing. The size is 150 x 24 x 4 mm.

The RMI Conservation Target provides an easy and efficient way to include photographic reference standards as well as image and artifact identification information. The design of the RMI Conservation Target has been carefully planned to minimize the space occupied by this important reference material in the image frame. Lightweight and of robust construction, each target has the following elements: six-step grey scale, color patches (CMYRGB), a lighting indicator associated with a photogrammetric indicator, a size scale, and an area for date and object identification information.


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