SpectraShop™ Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does the i1Pro not appear in the instrument list when making measurements?

There can be several reasons for this problem:

  1. Another program may have used the instrument and not released its connection to the instrument. Only one program at a time can access the i1Pro, so make sure other measurement or profiling programs are not running at the same time as SpectraShop.
  2. The instrument may not have been registered by the operating system. Occasionally the OS may not recognize the instrument, so unplug the i1Pro, wait a few seconds, then replug it into the USB port. If the i1Pro is detected by SpectraShop it will appear in the instrument popup menu. With the i1Pro 2 when the Instrument window is opened the white LED indicators on the top of the instrument will activate.

Updated 15.3.2015