TIFF Lister 2

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This is the program for all photographers, engineers, or anyone who needs to examine the data inside a TIFF or DNG file.

TIFF Lister opens the image file then decodes the tags into a list of columns for the tags and their associated values.

Screenshot of TIFF Lister results

TIFF Lister also has some error detection and will highlight many data format errors.

If you are an imaging scientist or engineer, or a serious photographer trying decipher that mysterious error message whenever you open an image, TIFF Lister is a very useful tool for finding problems.

Price: $19

To get your copy of TIFF Lister, begin by downloading one of the following versions.

TIFF Lister 2.0.3 for Mac OS X Universal (Intel and ARM) (10.14 or later) (5.8 MB zip compressed file)
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TIFF Lister 2.0.3 for Windows 10 (16.5 MB zip compressed file)
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