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Welcome to the Robin Myers Imaging website.

As you may have noticed, the site looks very different. It has been completely redesigned to be compatible with desktop, tablet and phone browsers. The product description pages also have been rewritten to present the information in more accessible ways.

So what happened to all the color information? It has been transferred to the website Chromaxion.

Chromaxion is our new repository for reports, white papers, newsletter archives, the Spectral Library, and other information we are publishing to the color world. In addition, all the Spectral Library collections are now available in two formats; the original SpectraShop binary file, and a human readable text file which can be opened in spreadsheets and text editors.

The purpose: to make color information more accessible.

We invite you to browse around the site. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us. We are delighted to get your opinions.

SpectraShop 6.1 is now available!

SpectraShop now supports the Konica-Minolta MYIRO-1, a spectrometer with both USB and WiFi connectability!

Here are some of the features for the new version:

• Support for the new i1Pro3 and i1Pro3 Plus from X-Rite.

• Support for the new TM-30-18 standard for light source analysis. This is the latest way to replace the old CRI method.

• PDF reports for the specimen data and the TM-30 analysis.

• Data range extended from 200 to 1100 nm.

• Spectro 1 and Spectro 1 Pro file import.

• Spreadsheet file import/export.

• Improved user interface.

For more information, look here: SpectraShop™