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Robin Myers Imaging offers a variety of photographic services. Please contact Robin Myers for more information.

Some recent photographic projects include:

Mural. As part of the Archetype Digital Imaging Alliance (Robin Myers Imaging is an alliance member), a mural depicting the history of the Santa Clara Valley was photographed at the old San Jose Airport prior to the terminal's razing. This was a particular challenge because the mural, 18 feet high and 30 feet in length, was about 12 feet above ground. The image was captured in several strips using a high-resolution scanning camera, then the strips were combined into one image. The final image was several gigabytes in size for possible reproduction at 300 dpi for a display when the new terminal is constructed.

Rare book. A very rare book was imaged at high resolution for possible reprints. Although the book was not old, it was of limited production and this was the only known copy. The project was made more difficult due to the distorted printing of the original text. This project also involved converting the half-toned monochrome images into continuous tone images. A custom book cradle was created specifically for this book to allow imaging each page quickly without damaging any pages.


UV Image of Flower Pollen Target

Visible Ultraviolet

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