Big Changes Are Happening!

Welcome to the new Robin Myers Imaging website.

As you may have noticed, the site looks very different. It has been completely redesigned to be compatible with desktop, tablet and phone browsers. The product description pages also have been rewritten to present the information in more accessible ways.

So what happened to all the color information? It has been transferred to the website Chromaxion.

Chromaxion is our new repository for reports, white papers, newsletter archives, the Spectral Library, and other information we are publishing to the color world. In addition, all the Spectral Library collections are now available in two formats; the original SpectraShop binary file, and a human readable text file which can be opened in spreadsheets and text editors.

The purpose, to make color information more accessible.

We invite you to browse around the site. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us. We are delighted to get your opinions.

64-bit Has Arrived!

For some time now Apple has been hinting (by slapping every user in the face with a bad program warning) that 32-bit programs will no longer work in a future OS release. Microsoft has been less open, but no less pushy, it simply changed the default installation to 64-bit without telling anyone. The writing is on the wall, 32-bit programs are on their way out.

To make sure that our users are not left in the 32-bit cold, both SpectraShop™ and EquaLight™ have been upgraded to 64-bit.

These are free upgrades for all registered SpectraShop™ 5 and EquaLight™ 3 users. Download the new versions, unpack them and go. No installers, no mess, simple upgrades.

For those few of you without current licenses, the upgrades to SpectraShop™ 5 from SpectraShop™ 3 or 4; or the upgrade to EquaLight™ 3 from EquaLight™ 2 are very low.

Here are the links to the pages with the new code and upgrade costs.